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Operating System Reporting

Paws Studio alerts you to misconfigured systems and security risks on Windows, Mac and Linux.
It runs natively, is agentless and can be used both offline and in the cloud – Try it free

Compliance Made Easy

Paws Studio includes multiple leading security and compliance standards – you can also create your own to defend against the latest zero day threats! – Test your compliance

Continual Monitoring  

Securing your endpoints is essential - it’s also a time consuming, thankless task (which means it sometimes gets missed).
Free up your experts – Automate it

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Paws Features

Security that keeps you steps ahead

Harden your workstations and servers before attacks happen

Paws Studio is the most comprehensive security auditing tool in the world. It is the tool of choice, trusted by businesses, organisations and governments. Quickly secure vital network devices, such as workstations, laptops and servers.

  • Detailed operating system reporting, gives quick, clear views of device set-up, software and running status.
  • Identify O/S vulnerabilities, you might otherwise miss.
  • Enhances enterprise scanning systems & removes accuracy concerns.
  • Audits against industry standards such as Cyber Essentials, CIS, STIG & NERC.
  • Or use the “Policy Editor” to create your own audits (e.g. combine multiple industry checks).
  • Mitigation advice, helps you prioritize and plan fixes.
  • Customized security and compliance reports, delivered in seconds.
  • Audit systems in less time, without mass network traffic generation.
  • Simple to use. No lengthy implementation investment or roll-out required.
  • Agentless. No additional software or systems to install or maintain.
  • Audit offline, online, physical, virtual and isolated systems.
  • Tools can be scheduled, scripted and work on multiple platforms.
  • Integrates easily with existing systems.
  • Easily customize settings to suit your own policies.
  • Data outputs can be included into your current solutions.

The result? 
Paws Studio is a quick to implement, efficient and scalable tool, that users love. Review your workstation and server – discover new security vulnerabilities (that others might find) & harden your networks, today. 
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