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Configuration Reporting

Discover misconfigured systems and firewall, switch and router vulnerabilities, effortlessly and without mass network traffic.
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Includes Mitigation

Nipper Studio’s reports include manufacturer specific, mitigation advice and fixes. Meet your security targets faster and become compliant now.

Continual Monitoring  

Secure configurations are essential, but build reviews take time. Automate with Nipper Studio and spend time fixing not finding!
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Nipper Overview

Security that keeps you steps ahead

Harden your network infrastructure before attacks happen


Nipper Studio was the 1st advanced and detailed configuration auditing tool in the world. It is the configuration auditing tool of choice, for enterprise clients in 80 countries.
It helps you harden and secure vital network devices, such as Firewalls, Switches and Routers.

  • Detailed configuration reporting, gives quick, clear views of device settings.
  • Scriptable for 24/7 vulnerability alerts, 365 days a year.
  • Enhances enterprise scanning systems & removes accuracy concerns.
  • Audits against industry standards such as CIS, STIG & NIST benchmarks.
  • Our “Best Practice” security audits (combining multiple industry checks).
  • Rating systems and mitigation advice, helps you prioritize and plan fixes.
  • Automated configuration auditing is comprehensive, fast and efficient.
  • Audit systems in less time, without mass network traffic generation.
  • Simple to use. No lengthy implementation investment or roll-out required.
  • Agentless. No additional software or systems to install or maintain.
  • Audit offline, online, physical, virtual and isolated systems.
  • Tools can be scheduled, scripted and work on multiple platforms.
  • Integrates easily with existing systems.
  • Easily customize settings to suit your own policies.
  • Data outputs can be included into your current solutions.

The result?
Nipper Studio is a quick to implement, efficient and scalable tool, that users love. Perform a build review on your firewall, switch or router configurations – discover new vulnerabilities (that others might find) & harden your networks, today. Take a free trial


Nipper is a breakthrough tool in the field of network security and the reports that Nipper produces are straight forward and easy to comprehend. Nipper meets all our expectations and surpasses them!

Consultancy & Integration Firm
Digital Encode

Using Nipper Studio has helped us to exceed our clients’ expectations from both a technical and business perspective and enabled us to reduce the overall cost of delivering an engagement on time and within budget.

Penetration Testers & Vulnerability Assessment
Relay Security

Nipper Studio allows us to automate much of the review process, giving a massive time saving without compromising the quality and accuracy of our results

UK Information Security Consultancy
First Base Technologies

We used to perform all our firewall recertification’s manually. Using Nipper has saved us countless man hours by automating these reviews. Not sure how we got by without it…  Excellent product!  

SunGard Public Sector

Nipper enables Cisco to test devices in a fraction of the time it would normally take to perform a manual audit and in some cases has removed the need for a manual audit all together.

Device Manufacturer
Cisco Systems Inc.